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Model: 67671
Reducing water loss and alcohol free which safe hygenic for babyReducing redness and scratches on baby skin feature ph formulationEnhancing skin moisture ultra soft and gentle delicated skinHygienically folded tissue for easy to useExtra softness and strength provide baby skin most hygenic for long ..
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Model: 055440
CLOSER TO NATURAL BREASTFEEDING - Designed to be most like mom, the Naturalatch silicone nipple encourages proper latching, promotes healthy feeding and allows you to easily switch between breast and bottle. ANTI-COLIC FEEDING - ..
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Model: 526
Ideal for Kids lunch.Air tight seal keeps food fresh for long.Easy to fit & store in briefcase, school bag & hand bag.Can be used for Snacks, Dry Vegetables, Chapattis etc.Product Dimensions6.5 x 4.8 x 2.6 inches ; 186 gItem Weight186 Grams..
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