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Camrig Fin Mount for Go Pro ...
2020 Special Sale -15 %
Model: GP 3-7
The CAMRIG Fin Mount is an alternative mounting solution to the GoPro Surf Hero adhesive disk. Bridging the gap between versatile performance and superior defense against loss, you will never have to think about your camera while riding again. Utilizing the standard fin box on almost any kiteboard o..
AED218.00 AED256.00
Ipega PG-9083 Red Bat Bluetooth Game Pad For Andro ... Ipega PG-9083 Red Bat Bluetooth Game Pad For Andro ...
2020 Special Sale -47 %
Model: PG-9083
HighlightsEnhanced left and right analogue sticks with meticulous amplitude offer precision controlHighly sensitive buttons account for accurate controllingAdjustable weight accounts for tailored balance and comfort4-way directional pad makes it ideal for fighting gamesDecked with a bracket to confe..
AED66.00 AED125.00
Samsung Keyboard Dock for Samsung Galaxy Tab 2-7.0Compatible Devices:Samsung Galaxy Tab-2-7.0Apple Ipad MiniApple Ipad ProSamsung Galaxy Tab-7.0 plus..
AED50.00 AED97.00
Model: PG-9068
Product Features: - It can support more devices:    - Android/iOS/MAC OSX/Win XP/7/8/10 systems with Bluetooth function, such as Smart phones / tablet PCs / Smart TVs / set top boxes / PCs and so on.- It support TURBO (Acceleration) function.    - You can enable any button w..
AED35.00 AED88.00
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