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Skyland 4 in 1 Orbitrac EM-1132 ...
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Model: EM-1132
The Skyland 4 in 1 Orbitrac combines cardio exercises that reduce your waistline with the resistance-training workouts..
AED 799.00 AED 907.00
Model: BELL-T1
Product DescriptionCOLOR: BLACKMODEL: BELL-T1..
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MedMobile Health & Fitness Mini Cadio Cycle wi ...
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Model: mini
DescriptionBuilt-in Computer with LCD Shows Scan, Time, Count, Total Count and Calories. Battery included. The plastic pedals on this pedal exerciser feature leather straps for a secure hold during your workout..Use this portable pedal exerciser regularly to increase strength and improve coordinatio..
AED 399.00 AED 600.00
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